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21 Ways to Manage the Stuff That Sucks Up Your Time

A little book packed with 21 simple, practical tips and techniques you can put to use straight away, to help you manage the stuff that sucks up your time, and have more time for what really matters.

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“brilliant insights, cleverly detailed in this easy to read, enjoyable book!”

“an incredibly valuable resource for any small business owner”

“packed full of useful advice, passionate, engaging and thought-provoking”

In these pages you’ll discover:

An automated appointment system to keep your schedule clear

How to fight customer service fires like the pros

How to beat perfectionism once and for all, while still making progress on your projects

How to stop distractions and interruptions from stealing your focus

How to get over procrastination

How to avoid the social media time-suck

How to take control of the little jobs that take over your day

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Praise for 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time

“I just read Grace Marshall’s short yet powerful guide to taking charge of your time. Don’t let the length of this book fool you… I’ve been more productive in one day than I have in months by implementing just one of the 21 tips she offers. This is a very timely read for me with a new book (and companion website) AND 52-part video course to be completed within the next few months. Thanks, Grace! I’m on fire!”

—Kim Miller,


“I could not read this book in one sitting. I had to keep putting it down to take notes! 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff That Sucks Up Your Time gives you an interesting take on time management and organization skills. There is no excuse for not achieving your goals if you follow the brilliant insights Grace Marshall has cleverly detailed in this easy to read, enjoyable book!”

—Debi Williams DDS, author of The Greatest Leaders Do the Least


“As with all the 21 Ways books, 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time is a lifesaver to my business and to my sanity. Marshall uses practical ways that anyone can implement, now, to manage their time in this busy, busy world.”

—Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant, LW Media Group and author of the That Literary Lady Knows series


“Grace has written the complete guide for today’s busy and crazy world where we are short on time and patience. This book will give you the tools and know how to grab your time back and take control of your days again.”

—Simon Jordan, international author, speaker and host of Simon Jordan TV and
The Simon Jordan Radio Show,


“We all want progress, but so many times the little stuff (like email) and the big stuff (perfectionism-driven procrastination) derail us. Grace Marshall’s tips, strategies and fresh ideas in 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time will help you get back (and stay) on track. Read, implement, and then enjoy the feeling that comes from actually accomplishing what you set out to do.”

—Erin K. Casey, Contributing Editor at SUCCESS magazine and
author of the Zany Zia Hats to Where children’s adventure series


“Grace’s book is an incredibly valuable resource for any small business owner. If you follow her tips and tools you’ll be amazed at how much extra time you have to focus on the stuff that really matters.”

—Julie Hall, Women Unlimited and


“Let’s face it—we’re all human and many of us fall prey to bouts of unproductive behaviour from time to time, sometimes despite knowing better. In this book you’ll be reminded of the top ways to be more productive all gathered together in one place (itself allowing you to be more productive!). I love the useful suggestions at the end of each Way on how and with whom to implement her tips. I even learned some clever ideas I’ll be implementing myself (Way 6 comes to mind!). Finally the three-part structure to the book leaves no productivity stone unturned and allows your mind to focus on one area at a time. An excellent and quick read you’ll refer to again and again.”

—Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.,
best-selling author of 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking and Kill the Elevator Speech


“Grace’s book is packed full of useful advice, whether you’re a productivity ninja or a productivity novice. It’s passionate, engaging and thought- provoking—anyone that quotes X-Men and A.A. Milne is all good with me!”

—Graham Allcott, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja


“As a busy mum you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the juggle! Grace has brought together simple, practical tips and techniques which will reduce your “busyness,” maximize your productivity and best of all— increase your enjoyment as you regain control and fulfilment in your life. Her light, chatty, friendly style is a delight—it’s like having a friend right beside you, encouraging you onto success!

—Jenny Flintoft,


“Grace writes with pith and knowingness. The challenge is for people to put her simple, incredibly effective insights and tips to work deliberately— when they do they’ll be self reinforcing as the results will be plain to see. One for all newly self-employed people amongst others.”

—Jessica Chivers, author of Mothers Work! How to Get a Grip on Guilt and Make a Smooth Return to Work


“21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time is a great read for anyone seeking to maximize their work output. I loved Grace’s simple yet effective advice and look forward to incorporating these time saving tips into my daily schedule.”

—Lotwina Farodoye, award winning business woman and author


“To anyone who is running a business and finds themselves not being as productive as they could be this book is for you. It has some excellent ideas to get you focussed and organized. As someone who is super- organized I found some great new tricks which I can’t wait to implement. It definitely got me thinking about how I can be more efficient with my time whilst running a business.”

—Naomi Richards, The Kids Coach


“Grace’s book brings together 21 useful ways to help you make the most of your time. Different techniques work for different people, work your way through the ideas to find the ones that work for you.”

—Erica Douglas,


“As a high energy person and very passionate about what I do, I want to help everyone all of the time, which has had a negative impact on my time, productivity and work/life balance. This book is so spot on, I felt like I was reading about me! The first time I spoke to Grace she instantly had a calming effect on me. I am never disappointed with anything she shares and this extends to her book. Grace has a knack of making it all less overwhelming and more achievable. I loved the ‘Power Hour’ and gave it a go… WOW, how could I have not done this before, it made such a difference. Before I would feel guilty not being constantly available for everyone, and even more so if I didn’t check my emails and social media every five minutes dare I miss a message. However, with Grace’s highly invaluable and easy-to-implement guidance, I have already started to put things into practice and noticing the difference. This book will be forever my guide!!”

—Carmen MacDougall, motivational speaker and
founder of The VA Coaching and Training Company


“If you want a book that is packed full of time management gems but without the filler, 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time is for you! Grace Marshall calls herself a disorganized productivity coach and one gets the feeling when reading this book that she really has “been there, done that” and learnt to be more productive the hard way! Grace writes with a light, friendly style which makes this book a breeze to read. There’s no waffle—this is truly a book for busy people and Grace gets straight to the point, offering us gem after gem in quick succession. I defy anyone to finish reading 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time (and it won’t suck your time to do so!) and not emerge with at least one fantastic time tip that will make them feel more productive.”

—Amanda Alexander M.Sc. B.A. (double hons), PCC (ICF) Founder and Director,