Renegotiating Rules – why I write


Why do I write? Seems like an easy enough question. I was invited to be part of a writers’ blog tour by the lovely Erin Casey – writer, book coach, editor, and contributing editor for SUCCESS magazine. The remit: blog about why you write. Then introduce your readers to three other people to do the same a week later. Sounds simple enough. A little bit like the old chain letters, except without the death threats and promises of wealth and love. Hmm… more about that later. So why do I write? Sanity Eight years or so ago, when I started […] Continue reading »

How to get things done when the work never ends


Do you find your work ongoing, your to-do list never-ending? Does it feel like there’s always something else to do – as soon as one thing is done you’re moving onto the next thing? Here’s the bad news – the work never ends. The nature of much of our work these days is that there’s always more you can do – more ideas, more calls, more campaigns, more research, more tweaking, more thinking, more clicking you can do… Which is why it can be hard to find momentum and motivation, and easy for inertia and procrastination to set in. After […] Continue reading »

How to change a habit


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” “What you do every day creates a culture.” These are a couple of truths that really resonated with me at a leadership conference this weekend. It doesn’t matter how great your strategy is, if it goes against culture, culture will always win. And I’ve certainly seen that a lot lately, with groups I’ve worked with who have felt at the mercy of their organisational culture – non-stop culture, last minute culture, email 24/7 culture, immediate response culture, crazy deadline culture… Let’s take that down to a personal level for a minute. We can have great […] Continue reading »

Five ways to stay focused


So there was big controversy this week when Facebook revealed that it was manipulating news feeds in a social experiment to see how that would affect people’s moods. Outrage aside about how the study was conducted or communicated, the findings are, well, pretty obvious actually. What we see affects us. The messages we read, hear, or are otherwise exposed to, influence our mood and our perspective. A friend of mine, who works in PR, decided several years ago to stop listening to the news on her way in to work, because it depressed her so much. Even though part of […] Continue reading »

Is your schedule demanding perfection from others?


I am a recovering perfectionist. I’ve always had high standards of myself, but I’ve never demanded perfection from others. In fact, even when I’ve been hard on myself, I’ve still been encouraging others to be kinder on themselves.  I’m too ‘nice’ to be a perfectionist when it comes to other people… or so I thought. Until this week, when I found myself printing at midnight, after a 2 hour drive back from Leeds, when I should have been getting some sleep before my workshop the next morning. I thought I had it all worked out. I knew it was going […] Continue reading »

Trying too hard to get it right?


When I was a child, I spent a lot of time trying to ‘fit in’. My family moved around a lot, so I had plenty of practice at being the new kid at school. One thing I got good at doing was adapting.  Which comes in handy when you’re setting up in business, exploring new ground, adapting, evolving and generally making it up as you go along. But sometimes, my ability to adapt can go too far. Sometimes I’m too willing to adapt, too eager to please. Sometimes adapting becomes people pleasing. I found myself in a situation recently, where I was […] Continue reading »

What’s in a name?


Another 40 Days of Baby Steps has just started, with a brand new group of Baby Steppers all fired up and focused to get their 40 day project DONE. We kicked off last week with our Name it, Nail it session, and we’ve been having fun naming our projects. What’s in a name? How often do we label our projects with generic names like Website, Marketing or Admin? What does that do for our focus, clarity and motivation? Here are four common pitfalls of having a generic project name: 1. There’s no defined outcome So how do you know when you’ve got there? […] Continue reading »