Eyes wide open

When you look at your week ahead, what do you see? A heavy schedule – or a week full of opportunities? A diary full of meetings – or decisions you can influence, relationships you can build and conversations you can give your voice to? Pressure to perform, or the opportunity to do your best work? Do you see the challenge or the opportunity to stretch? Do you see gaps and limitations, or do you see what you already have, and how far you’ve already come? Do you see the person you’re not or the person you already are? Do you […] Continue reading »

Daily treasures


There’s a lovely old man who comes into my writing cave – the local cafe where I’m fast becoming part of the furniture. He’s a regular too – he usually visits as part of his daily routine to get out the house, pick up a couple of things from M&S, then stop by the cafe to read his paper over a cup of coffee and usually a few extra treats from the staff. He used to volunteer at another cafe (I seem to live my life in cafes!) where I used to take my kids, and has known them since […] Continue reading »

What happens when you say “I can’t”


When you say “I can’t” what are you really saying? That you don’t know how? You don’t have the resources to? That you’re not sure you want to? That you’re already committed to something else? Sometimes it’s easier to say “I can’t”. “I can’t make it” rolls off the tongue easier than “actually I’d rather not” or “I’d prefer to do something else” or “I’ve already committed to something that I don’t want to cancel” “I can’t possibly do that” is easier to swallow than “that scares me to death” or “I’m not sure that would work” or even “I […] Continue reading »

Why decisions drive you crazy


What does writing a book, going through a divorce, starting a company and buying a house have in common? They all involve a high level of decision making. Ever since I started writing this book, I’ve noticed two things: 1. The number of unmade decisions in my head Writing a book is filled with uncertainty. Like any creative process, there’s a vision to start with – an idea that sparkles just enough to draw us in – and there’s the finished product at the end, which may or may not be how we imagined. But in between is this vast […] Continue reading »

Stop the clock


Ever wonder how much time it really takes you to write that blog post? Or update your Facebook. Or do that piece of client work? I was talking to one of my former Baby Steps clients this week, Catherine Poole, who told me about a really simple tool she’s been using to help her productivity. The Stopwatch. No, not a timer (that’s great too) but a stopwatch. You see, a timer helps you measure how much you can get done in say an hour, but a stopwatch helps you to measure the time you are actually spending on a specific […] Continue reading »

In Place vs In Use


Last week I sent out an open invitation to people who wanted to join me in conversation to help me write my book, and I had the opportunity to speak to the lovely Eveliina Lindell at Go Lightly. One of the things we spoke about that really struck me was the difference between when something is ‘in place’ vs ‘in use’. Speaking as a professional organiser, Eveliina said that everything has a dynamic order. Things don’t stay in one place all the time, but everything needs a place to be ‘in use’ and to be ‘in place’ when it is not […] Continue reading »

Want to be in my next book?


What fuels your inspiration? For me it’s conversation, so I’m asking for your help! I’m writing a new book, and I’d love to talk to you if a) you have a story to share – or a tactic that’s worked really well for you b) you have a burning question – something you’re struggling with or stuck on that you would like some help with on the following productivity topics: From Chaos to Clarity: Organising your stuff Mind Monkeys and Lizard Brain: It’s not just about being in the right place at the right time. Fake work vs real work: How […] Continue reading »