7 Ways to Ditch Perfectionism

Q. Help! I’m a perfectionist. I know it’s bad for my productivity but what can I do about it? This was a question I had from a delegate at a recent ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ session. I’ve spoken and written a lot about perfectionism in...

Hate typing? 5 procrastination-busting alternatives

  Q. I prefer writing by hand & am now stuck/prevaricating on the typing up stage. Really hate sitting typing at my computer. Eek.. This was a question sent in by Frances, one of my readers. It's funny what can trigger procrastination. If typing is a bugbear for...

— Imperfect action beats perfect inaction, every time.
5 Signs of a Strong Team

"Strong teams pull together when the shit hits the fan, where others fall apart." I shared this on social media a couple of weeks ago, after working with a particular team that really struck me with their team spirit. Like many teams I work with, they were dealing...

Are you getting too involved?

I’ve had some interesting conversations recently about trust, delegation and involvement. Specifically how being too involved can get in the way of your productivity. Here are 5 signs that you might be over-involved: You constantly have a backlog of unread or part-read emails you never get round...

How to create an extra day

It’s leap day today. The extra day we get once every four years. What have you been doing with your extra day? My guess is, for most people, it’s just another Monday at the start of another week. Yes it was nice to discover we had...

— True productivity is knowing what not to do, so you can genuinely commit to what you do do.
The importance of saying ‘no’

When is it good to say ‘no’? Not just necessary, but actually good? When is ‘no’ a better answer than ‘yes’? I’ve been using Lent as an opportunity to practice saying ‘no’. I must admit, some days are easier than others. Saying ‘no’ to further automated sales calls by...

40 Days of Baby Steps is back – with a difference!

It’s a big week for us in the Marshall house. It’s Chinese New Year, my daughter’s turning 7, and it’s Pancake Day and the start of Lent. Lent always holds a special time for me, partly because pancakes happen to be one of my favourite foods,...

Is your can-do attitude getting you into trouble?

Amongst fun stuff like writing, speaking and singing, this is what much of my work has looked like over the last few weeks. Crikey! Deploying 3 Ninjas across 20+ UK workshops, 6 overseas missions across 6 different sites plus 12 webinars, all in the space of 2 months...

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