10 Days of Rest

Are you ready for Christmas yet? This is probably the most common question I get at this time of the year. From friends, family, and complete strangers. What does that even mean? Ready for what? Ready for all those presents you’ve painstakingly picked, bought and wrapped to be stripped in two minutes flat? Ready to gorge yourself silly on the best homemade stuffing to rival all stuffings, and then spend the afternoon in a food coma? Ready to celebrate? Ready to enjoy? Ready to collapse? Or all of the above? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but I do […] Continue reading »

It will never work (because it doesn’t sometimes)


Do you find yourself saying that? Or do you hear that around you? Are you shaped by this thinking? I get this sometimes when I run workshops. Out of a discussion comes a great idea that gets everyone excited. Maybe we can do something about this after all! Oh I like that idea! Yeah, I’m up for that!  Then one person says: it will never work. We’ve done it before. So-and-so didn’t take notice. This-and-that happened anyway.  It will never work. Do you say that to yourself? Does someone else say it to you? Sometimes knowing what doesn’t work feels […] Continue reading »

3 Survival tips for crazy season


Are you in crazy season right now? Or about to go into one? There are definitely seasons where life speeds up. I’m in one of those right now. Never mind Christmas. November has been full on crazy busy with workshops. I’ve been working in London, Darlington, Tamworth, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Norwich, Milton Keynes, Derby and Stafford so far, and this week I’m back in Tamworth and then off to Budapest! It’s definitely crazy good. Considering that business is much quieter in December, I’m thoroughly grateful that November is paying for December too, but that also means that I’m effectively doing two […] Continue reading »

What’s your hidden strength?


What would come to mind if I asked you about your weaknesses? The stuff you struggle with and stumble at. The things you think you ought to be better at, or resigned yourself to being rubbish at.  The words you’d choose to complete the sentence “I’m too _____” or “I’m not very _____”. Now I want to ask you, what’s the hidden strength in that weakness? You see, every weakness hides a strength.   My friend Marianne once said “Our weaknesses are just our strengths in the wrong environment.” It’s where something we’re really good at gets misused, overused, or simply […] Continue reading »

Are you the default person?


An article caught my eye this week. The first line asked “Are you the default parent?”, followed by “If you have to think about it, you’re not. You’d know. Trust me.” It gave a humorous and somewhat bleak account of all the things you scope, think about and are responsible for if you are the default parent. There were definitely parts I nodded furiously and laughed out loud at, but I also realised there are times when I’m not the default parent. Like first thing in the morning for example. If my daughter wakes up before I do (which she […] Continue reading »

Who do you want to be today?


Not when you grow up. Not in five years’ time. Today. If we were about to start working together – in a workshop, or a 1-1 coaching session – one of the first questions I’d ask you is What do you want? And you might start telling me about what you don’t want – the constant pressure and overwhelm, juggling competing priorities, never getting to the end of the work, feeling guilty, exhausted, out of balance. You might talk about the brilliant things you’d love to achieve if only you had the time. All that purpose, passion and genius hemmed […] Continue reading »

Take Your Time


As a Productivity Ninja, I have many conversations around time.  “Not enough time, too much to do” is how most of my conversations start. We talk about good use of time, about how to work faster, smarter, how to not get bogged down in detail, paralysed by overwhelm, waylaid by procrastination or drowning in email. In fact, my whole book is about dealing with the stuff that sucks up your time. But sometimes people say to me “I’m focused, I’m clear, I’m fired up, I’ve got my baby steps, goals, projects and to-do list set up. I know exactly what […] Continue reading »