Starting badly


A friend told me about her frog the other day. Not an actual frog that sits in a pond. The kind that sits on your to-do list. That unattractive task you keep putting off. We’d had the conversation about eating a frog for breakfast before, and last time we found that it was actually not her frog. This time it was. “It’s not that it’s a hard thing to do. In fact I know I could spend 10 minutes and get it done – but it wouldn’t be brilliant. I wouldn’t be happy with it. I know I can do […] Continue reading »

Competitors: are you leading, following or competing?


Last week I was talking with someone about competition and creativity in his 20+ years in business.  Along the way he had an opportunity to copy an idea from another supplier. Legally, he could have done it. Ethically, it didn’t feel right. So he took the first batch that he’d produced and threw it away. And went back to the drawing board to design his own. Years later, he’s now the leading innovator in his industry. His company won best supplier in his industry for two years running and this year the product itself won an industry award. His competitors […] Continue reading »

5 time wasters that are actually highly productive


I’ve been running a lot of How to Get Things Done workshops lately, and one of the lightbulb moments we often have, is that what feels productive isn’t always the case, and what feels like time wasting, can actually be highly productive. Here are five examples: 1. Thinking time – As one delegate put it recently: “I always feel like I’m wasting time when I stop and think. I feel like I should just get on with it.” But thinking is where we define the work, decide the what, when, why and how of work, and often makes the difference […] Continue reading »

The Opposite of Resistance


“You don’t need more genius. You need less resistance.” – Seth Godin I love this quote. It’s one we use in our How to Get Things Done workshop. It tells us that our genius is already there. We don’t need to find it, we just need to free it from the resistance that’s got it shackled. But what’s the opposite of resistance? Is it flow and ease? That’s one way of looking at it for sure, and there are definitely ways of making things smaller, easier, and less scary to reduce resistance. What about irresistibility? I was chatting to a […] Continue reading »

Life: are you riding or drowning?


We all go through ups and downs in life. Everyone has good days and bad days, highs and lows. My question to you is, are you riding the waves, or are you drowning in them? Watch this 5 minute video to see what I mean. Over to you Where are you at right now? Are you riding life’s ups and downs, or are you drowning in them? Drop me a line in the comments below – and let me know what you’re going to do about it. Continue reading »

What don’t you have time for?

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.09.48

What do you find yourself saying “I don’t have time for…”? Watch this 4 minute video for this week’s Monday Momentum message, plus details of three upcoming events to give your business a boost: If an injection of clarity or a boost of energy is just what you need, here are three upcoming events to inspire and equip you: 7th March – Headzup International Women’s Day 14th March – How to Get Things Done, Stafford (30% discount code: GM30M) 21st March – How to Get Things Done, Leeds (30% discount code: LeedsM30) See you there! Continue reading »

Working Lightly


As the dancer twirls, as the tinker taps, As the torch guides, as truth reveals As the sun warms, brightens and awakens As the stars sparkle and the sparks ignite As a child skips, rolls and tumbles. Let me live my work like that. Let me learn to work lightly. Working lightly is not a burden. Nor is it working little, small or barely. It is full immersion in that which brings life and brings you to life. Playful. Nimble. Agile. Not half-heartedly, perhaps light-heartedly. In a rhythm that sustains, renews, refreshes and satisfies. These are some thoughts I’ve been […] Continue reading »