How to recover your post-holiday productivity mojo


September’s here, schools are starting back and dare I say, there’s a sniff of autumn in the air. Are you ready and raring to get back to work? Or does it take you a week or two to get out of holiday mode and get going again? If you need a kickstart to reboot your post-holiday productivity mojo, try this: Renew your vision It can be tempting to dive straight back into the inbox, catch up on everything that’s been on hold (or going without you) while you’ve been away, get back on that hamster wheel and run as fast […] Continue reading »

Stressed by email? Time to take control


Email adds to stress. We all suspected it, now it’s ‘official’. A study at Loughborough University found that 83% of workers became more stressed while using email, that stress levels peaked at points in the day when people’s inboxes were fullest, according to the Daily Telegraph. Sound familiar? The average worker spends 41% of their time on email management, and the volume of email each of us receives is currently doubling every 4-5 years. More than half of all UK workers admit to being stressed by how much email they receive. It’s time to take control. If your inbox is […] Continue reading »

Responsibility: Burden or Empowerment?


Remember those days when you actually wanted responsibility? Perhaps as a child, wanting your parents to trust you with responsibility, or in those hungry ambitious early-career days, wanting more responsibility at work. Maybe you wanted more autonomy or authority. Maybe you wanted to be in charge, to make things happen, to feel in control, make a difference. Yet the reality of responsibility can feel like anything but. The responsibility of being a parent – the burden of everything that needs to be done, all the decisions you make, that you might get wrong, and all the guilt that comes with […] Continue reading »

Words to Keep YOU Going

Words that keep you going copy

If you read my last post, you’ll know how passionate I am about words and how our language impacts our productivity. Which is why when one of my Baby Steppers created this after a call we had on motivation, self-belief and productivity, I absolutely had to share it with you. Over to Rebekah… Whilst working with Grace through the 40 Days of Baby Steps I have come to realise several truths and had quite a few realisations so I decided to collate them to help keep myself motivated to reach my goal. I hope they help you too, whenever things […] Continue reading »

Two and a half words that will improve your productivity


I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a word geek. I love language. And I notice language a lot. Friends and clients will testify to that. I’m trying to teach my son the art of speaking persuasively, especially when his little sister is being particularly annoying. Yes, he’s perfectly entitled to say “Get out the way” but “Excuse me please” or “Can you come this way?” is likely to be met with less resistance. In the same way, the words we use with ourselves can affect our own levels of resistance and motivation. Here are two and a half little words […] Continue reading »

Countdown to Summer: How to Get from Panic to Productivity When Time’s Ticking


It’s half term AGAIN. After that, we’ll be on our final countdown – 7 weeks until the summer holidays. At least at our school it is. What about yours? I probably should be used to it by now – having kids may not physically make time move quicker, but you sure as heck notice it! So what do you do when time’s ticking?   What NOT to do (trust me, from personal experience, it’s not worth it)    Panic – Spend your time fretting about how little time you have. Remember, “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It keeps you busy […] Continue reading »

Three Ways to Grow Your Confidence


What is confidence? Is it something that you either have or lack? Or is it something that grows in all of us? My opinion is the latter. Every Tuesday I get to watch my son learn how to swim. And this week, when he swam a whole width with no floats or aids, it struck me how far he’s come, and how much his confidence has grown in just six months. From being hesitant to jump in, afraid of getting water on his face, tensely curling up and clinging onto the teaching assistant – to pouncing in, stretching out, taking […] Continue reading »