How to Create Your Perfect Career When No One Job Ticks the Boxes

(especially that box that says "energizing and fulfilling” "flexible" or "work from home" aka "I'd like to still see my children but I don’t particularly want to become a teacher or childminder") Have you considered countless career options and been disappointed that no one thing seems to tick all your boxes? Do you feel like you can't do what you REALLY want to do, because you have children (love them as we do) Or do you have lots of ideas, and simply don't know how to choose and get started? If you answered 'yes' to any of those statements, then […] Continue reading »

When Life Gets Crazy – How to Connect with Your Lists When you Don’t Have Time To


If you read my post last week on Balancing Work & Family: How the Heck do you Do It? you’ll already have met Nicole Dean, a mum (mom) of two children who runs several online businesses and describes herself as a mostly-sane marketer. I really enjoyed her blog about balancing work and family, so I’m delighted to be sharing her tips here on how she grows her business when life gets crazy. * * * When Life Gets Crazy – How to Connect with Your Lists When you Don’t Have Time To by Nicole Dean Life is madness. At least […] Continue reading »

Don’t forget to breathe


“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone…” Joni Mitchell Isn’t it funny how we take things for granted until we don’t have it, then we notice how important they are? No, this isn’t a blog post about lost loves or making the most of your children because they grow up so fast. I’m thinking of much more basic things. Like sleep. Like waking up in the morning to your own thoughts. Or having complete privacy when you go to the toilet. Like breathing. I love being productive. Getting more done in […] Continue reading »

Balancing Work & Family: How the Heck do you Do It?

Nicole Dean over at is blogging about “Balancing Work & Family: How the Heck do you Do It?” and asked several of her experts to contribute their stories as well as their tips. If you’ve ever thought that you were alone in with the juggle and the struggle of trying to do right by your family and in your business, you’ll be inspired by the heartwarming stories and nuggets of wisdom. I encourage you to go have a read for yourself, and here are some of my favourite snippets: “Allow yourself a rest and a break and don’t beat […] Continue reading »

Procrastination and Productivity


Do you procrastinate? Do you get distracted, delayed, decide to ‘eat a frog for breakfast’ and find by dinner time you’ve done 20 other things and not made a start on the one thing you meant to get done? Have you ever found yourself rushing at the last minute, thinking how much easier it would have been, how much better the quality of your work would be, how much more sleep you could be getting – if you had just started earlier? Are there things you’d love to do, that are gathering dust on your ‘Someday… when I have time’ […] Continue reading »

Hooks and Habits – when motivation alone is not enough

Have you ever gotten really fired up about something, motivated to make a change, to start something new, stop an old habit or just to do life differently? Then somehow despite the initial motivation, have you ever found that day to day life seems to settle back in and nothing much changes? Continue reading »

Setting and achieving powerful goals


Have you set any goals for this year? How are you feeling about them – nervous, excited, confident, uncertain, hopeful, or all the above and more? The whole point of setting goals is to be clear about where you’re heading, focused on what you need to do to get there, and motivated to take the journey. Yet it’s all too common for procrastination or paralysis to set in and keep us away from our goals, and we end up beating ourselves up “what was I thinking?”, giving up with longing “if only” or simply forgetting until next year approaches. How […] Continue reading »