What gets you stuck?


Recently, my daughter figured out how to fasten the harness on her high-chair, except she hasn’t quite worked out how to undo it. So “stuck” or rather “duck!” has been a very common word in our kitchen! I’m wondering, what are the most common things that business owners get stuck on? From my own experience and from working with my clients, I would say my top two ‘biggies’ are: Indecision - not knowing (deciding and committing to) what to do; and Insecurity - that feeling of doubt, of whether you can actually do it, that has us hesitating, freezing or […] Continue reading »

Non-Guru Way to Online Video


Have you wondered about using video to market your business, but don’t know where to start? Have you seen how effective they can be, and dismissed it as a big budget, big business thing? The truth is, more and more small businesses are using video in their marketing and it’s actually easier than you think. That’s why I’ve invited Simon Jordan, author, speaker and host of SimonJordan.tv, who specializes in helping small businesses attract more clients, to share his expertise in our next Bitesize Boost teleseminar: Non-Guru Way to Online Video On Wednesday 29th June at 8pm UK time In […] Continue reading »

Balance and sanity – is it possible?


When I introduce myself at networking meetings I often say that I provide support, sanity and success strategies for people juggling business and family. And sanity is what most people leap at! The funny thing is, it’s not rocket science actually, when you come to think of it: Sanity comes with that feeling of knowing what you’re doing, and seeing how it contributes to the bigger picture. Sanity comes when you realize you don’t have to be supermum to get great results in business and have great fun with the kids. It helps when you know you don’t have to […] Continue reading »

Five questions to get your business ready for summer


Are you ready for the summer holidays? Is your business? If you have kids on school holidays soon, the chances are you’re looking ahead to a time of having even less time than usual to get everything done, So how do you make that time count? Here are five questions you can ask to evaluate and prepare your business for the summer months, from my recent Summer Success Strategies call: 1. If you had to suddenly stop work for a month, which parts of your business would keep on going? This is a great place to start, to see how […] Continue reading »

Summer Success Strategies


Summer’s coming. School’s gonna be out. What am I going to do about my business? With the summer approaching (according to the calendar at least, if not the weather!) if you’re juggling business and family you may be experiencing what my mentor calls ‘Momflict’ (or Dadflict) – a mixture of anticipation and apprehension. Wanting to enjoy spending time with your children, and at the same time wanting to keep your business going, to keep the momentum alive that you’ve created with all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Wondering, “how am I going to do that on even less […] Continue reading »

Bitesize Social Media – Using Twitter and Facebook to Grow Your Business


Are you using Twitter and Facebook to grow your business? How’s that working for you? While we’ve all heard how great Facebook and Twitter can be for generating business, it’s also easy to get lost, overwhelmed, or simply have your time sucked away without having much to show for it. If that sounds familiar to you, join myself and Kasey Traeger, the “Lady Tech Tamer” on this week’s free teleseminar: Bitesize Social Media - Simple Success Strategies to use Twitter & Facebook to grow your business without taking over your life! on Thursday 26th May at 4pm UK time / […] Continue reading »

Are your words getting you stuck in a rut?


Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, where you can hear your voice describing yourself with the same words day after day: I’m stressed. I’m too busy. I’m tired…. and even though you’d love it to be different, talking about it just makes it all the more real, almost like a self-fulfilling prophesy? They say “You are what you eat”. I think often “You are what you say you are”. I don’t know about you but I find that I’m very hot at picking this up with my kids. I refuse to let a phrase like “I’m useless…” , […] Continue reading »