Breaking out of boxes


Carrie Wilkerson has been asking over at Blog Barefoot “Why do you want to build or grow your business? What fuels you?” And I agree with Carrie, it’s not about the money. Yes money enables choices and funds the things I’m passionate about but money itself isn’t my why. Here’s what I replied with: My why, like many work at home mums, started from a yearning to do something I enjoy, am good at and make a difference to other people, as well as be with my children, nurturing, teaching and enjoying them while they are young and still let […] Continue reading »

School Holiday Sanity Strategies


No sooner have we started a new month and school holidays are upon us again! Thanks to my lovely friend Jenny Flintoft for reminding me what a particularly crazy month this is for those of us with kids at school in the UK! And when I asked on Twitter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the school holidays, the answer was: So amongst the craziness and juggling, how do you stay sane? I’ve had quite a few discussions with mums recently about juggling work and school holidays. Some, like Jenny take to working at […] Continue reading »

Speaking to market your business


Speaking can be a great way of building your list and your credibility, but where do you start, how do you get over public speaking nerves and how do you make sure it actually works to grow your audience and generate business? Join me and my guest, Felicia Slattery, author, speaker, communication expert and creator of the Signature Speech™ as she shares with you some of the biggest secrets about using a speech to market your business. You’ll discover: If you don’t like marketing and sales, exactly what steps to take so your Signature Speech allows others to do the […] Continue reading »

What’s the point of networking?


Each month at my local business mums networking event in Stafford we open up a topic of business to learn, share and sometimes hear from guest speakers too. This month we talked about our experiences of networking, what’s worked well and what hasn’t, and I shared my 3 C’s of Networking. What’s the point of networking? Tell you what it isn’t. It isn’t about Cards. Sorry but there’s no prize for the person who collects the most cards or dishes them out like confetti. If you want to use networking as an effective strategy to grow your business, here are […] Continue reading »

Lunchtime List Building


“Ok I know that list building is important in growing my business. But how do I actually go about building my list?” That’s what one of my clients asked me this week. If you find yourself asking the same question, and wondering “How do I get started? What technology does it involve? What do I actually do?” then next week’s teleseminar is for you. Join me on this free “Lunchtime List Building” call on Thursday 17th March at 12:30pm GMT where I’ll be sharing: How to get started – your first steps to starting and building your list How to […] Continue reading »

What to do when you want to do everything

What do you do when you want to do everything, and choosing just one thing feels like a compromise? Here are some great tips from unconventional career coach Marianne Cantwell of Free Range Humans. Enter password – escape - and Enjoy!   For more details about Marianne and How to become a Free Range Human, click here Continue reading »

Do you hate selling?

So many of us have an aversion to selling, not because we don't want people to buy from us, but because we don't want to come across as a pushy or sleazy salesperson. We don't want to trick or bully someone into buying from us. We want them to buy because they want what we have to offer, and we want them to be genuinely happy with the value we provide! Which is why I love this new ebook from Amy Harrison: "How to Get Your Sales Page DONE!" A step-by-step, easy-to-use guide (with templates) to help you FINALLY get […] Continue reading »