Bored of your goals? How about injecting some play?


A goal is only as good as the action it inspires. However well formed, well planned and well-intentioned a goal is, the proof of the pudding is in the doing. But as my potty-training toddler is reminding me right now, people only ever do what they want to do. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the serious business goals of x number of customers and £s of turnover just don’t grab me. And in my experience, if a goal doesn’t grab you by the heart, or the guts (or anywhere else for that matter!) and inspire you to take […] Continue reading »

Seasonal Marketing


How far in advance do you plan your promotions? Do you use a calendar and look at seasonal themes that are coming up like Christmas, Easter and Mothers Day? I must admit I’m often a bit last minute when it comes to seasonal promotions – and sometimes, it’s only when I pick up on Twitter that International Women’s Day or Entrepreneur Week is coming up, I think “hmm… maybe I could do something about that?” and realise I should have probably started weeks ago. So I’m glad my friend Carrie Wilkerson has agreed to let me share her tips on […] Continue reading »

Digging Ditches

digging ditches

  As someone who always advocates celebrating successes, this is going to sound weird. Being in business isn’t all about the successes. It’s not all about the highlights, the celebrations, the ideas that go viral, the launches that sell out, the results that go way beyond your wildest dreams. We think it is, it’s what we hear about, it’s what we cite in great examples, role models and industry leaders. Often when people ask me “how’s business?” I feel this pressure to reel off the highlights – achievements, successes and what’s gone right, whilst brushing under the table what’s flopped, […] Continue reading »

How to get out of doing that thing you really don’t want to do


  “I know I should be ____, but I keep putting it off” Fill in the blank. For a client of mine this was writing, specifically writing on her blog. Yes we can work on procrastination, we can work on motivation, and we can work on confidence. But hang on, what if you don’t have to? What if, instead of motivating, cajoling, disciplining yourself to get it done, you can get the same results quicker and easier, or even better, by doing it differently? First of all – what are the results you want to achieve? What’s the point of […] Continue reading »

How to boost energy levels in the evening

boost energy

I’m a big fan of matching energy levels and work time – an hour of focused energy can be much more productive than 3 hours of slogging away. But it’s not always practical or possible, especially with kids in the time equation, as one mum asked me in a recent webchat about productivity: “My highest energy time is in the morning but with 2 young children I often don’t get time to work on my project until they’ve gone to bed and I’m really tired. Any ideas?” One answer would be to get up earlier in the morning, but as […] Continue reading »

Social Proof – how are other people influencing your customers?


This month at Busy Mums business networking we’ve been talking about social proof. When considering a purchase, three questions that often come to mind are: Is this the right product? Does it solve the problem or need that I have? Is this right for me? Is this made with me in mind, does it relate to me and address my specific needs? Does it work? Is it any good? Does it deliver what it promises? In your business there’s a lot you can communicate to address these questions directly. As customers, however, we give much more attention and credibility when […] Continue reading »

What are you waiting for?


Do you have a dream or project you keep putting on hold? Something you keep promising yourself for ‘later’? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the right time? So often we tell ourselves that, but what do we actually mean by it? When exactly is time ‘right’? When you’re less busy? When you have less ‘to do’? When you’ve finished everything else? When is that exactly? The running joke amongst my friends whose kids have just started school or nursery is “I’ve been waiting for this time when I’m going to have so much time, but now […] Continue reading »