Social Proof – how are other people influencing your customers?


This month at Busy Mums business networking we’ve been talking about social proof. When considering a purchase, three questions that often come to mind are: Is this the right product? Does it solve the problem or need that I have? Is this right for me? Is this made with me in mind, does it relate to me and address my specific needs? Does it work? Is it any good? Does it deliver what it promises? In your business there’s a lot you can communicate to address these questions directly. As customers, however, we give much more attention and credibility when […] Continue reading »

What are you waiting for?


Do you have a dream or project you keep putting on hold? Something you keep promising yourself for ‘later’? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the right time? So often we tell ourselves that, but what do we actually mean by it? When exactly is time ‘right’? When you’re less busy? When you have less ‘to do’? When you’ve finished everything else? When is that exactly? The running joke amongst my friends whose kids have just started school or nursery is “I’ve been waiting for this time when I’m going to have so much time, but now […] Continue reading »

Just five minutes…


Something very strange has been happening in my house. Bizarre even. I have actually been enjoying… the washing up. In case you don’t know, domestic goddess I am not. More like reluctant housewife. So I ran out of dishwasher tablets and decided to wait until the next weekly shop to restock. Normally I’m frantically clearing the table, loading the dishwasher, tripping over the laundry, filing a mental note of ‘yet another thing I have to do’, dropping something sticky or saucy on something important that I should have cleared away earlier, thinking about all the things I want to get […] Continue reading »

Are you trying to reinvent yourself?


They say kids are constantly learning. I think that’s true of us parents too. Sometimes those learning moments come in the form of challenges circumstances. And then sometimes it’s when we’re having fun – like in kids’ films – you may have noticed me blog a few quotes from films like Megamind and Kung Fu Panda before. The latest one to take centre stage in our house is Tinker Bell, a story of a fairy who dreams of going to the mainland with all the other fairies – except tinker fairies don’t go to the mainland, “it’s not what they […] Continue reading »

What makes a great sales call?


At my local Busy Mums networking group today we discussed making sales calls and the resistance we often have with them. So many of us have had that experience of sitting down to make a sales call, looking at the number, mentally rehearsing what we want to say, wondering how the other person will respond, cringing at the “what if it goes horribly wrong” scenarios, and thinking of a ton of other things we’d rather be doing. Next thing we know, something else has come up and we’ve run out of time. At the end of the day it comes […] Continue reading »

What gets you stuck?


Recently, my daughter figured out how to fasten the harness on her high-chair, except she hasn’t quite worked out how to undo it. So “stuck” or rather “duck!” has been a very common word in our kitchen! I’m wondering, what are the most common things that business owners get stuck on? From my own experience and from working with my clients, I would say my top two ‘biggies’ are: Indecision - not knowing (deciding and committing to) what to do; and Insecurity - that feeling of doubt, of whether you can actually do it, that has us hesitating, freezing or […] Continue reading »

Balance and sanity – is it possible?


When I introduce myself at networking meetings I often say that I provide support, sanity and success strategies for people juggling business and family. And sanity is what most people leap at! The funny thing is, it’s not rocket science actually, when you come to think of it: Sanity comes with that feeling of knowing what you’re doing, and seeing how it contributes to the bigger picture. Sanity comes when you realize you don’t have to be supermum to get great results in business and have great fun with the kids. It helps when you know you don’t have to […] Continue reading »