Why Time Management Doesn’t Work – Reason #1


This is one of 3 videos on Why Time Management Doesn’t Work. Stay tuned for reasons #2 and #3. In the meantime, get your guide to productivity here. Continue reading »

Celebrating Motherhood: I’m in the Book!

The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating Moms and Motherhood

Great news! As an official co-author of The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating Moms and Motherhood, I want to share my gratitude with you! I was so excited to take part in this book, because I believe gratitude is how you enjoy life to its fullness and get the most out of every situation. And as well as the joys that my children bring me every day, I am grateful for the unexpected lessons being a mum/mom has taught me about myself. Despite the sleep deprivation, the exhaustion, the cluelessness and frustration (or perhaps… because of?) motherhood is the best thing […] Continue reading »

Do you ever get frustrated?


So I’m kind of known for being a sunny, smiley, positive kind of person (see the tweet below for example) But of course I have bad days too. I rant, I get frustrated, I sulk and I stomp. Hmm… how many times do I say frustrated or frustration in this video? What about you? Do you get frustrated? Share your thoughts in the comments box below. Continue reading »

Business Building Blogging

Erica Douglas

Blogging can be a great way of showcasing your business and engaging with people, but how do you ensure that it works effectively with the rest of your marketing strategy to build your list, attract new prospects and win business? That’s exactly what our guest speaker Erica Douglas will be talking about in our next free Bitesize Boost teleseminar: Business Building Blogging on Wednesday 27th April at 8:30pm UK time Erica is an influential blogger and award-winning business mum who has helped over 1500 women use the internet to market their business more effectively. In this call you’ll discover How […] Continue reading »

Breaking out of boxes


Carrie Wilkerson has been asking over at Blog Barefoot “Why do you want to build or grow your business? What fuels you?” And I agree with Carrie, it’s not about the money. Yes money enables choices and funds the things I’m passionate about but money itself isn’t my why. Here’s what I replied with: My why, like many work at home mums, started from a yearning to do something I enjoy, am good at and make a difference to other people, as well as be with my children, nurturing, teaching and enjoying them while they are young and still let […] Continue reading »

School Holiday Sanity Strategies


No sooner have we started a new month and school holidays are upon us again! Thanks to my lovely friend Jenny Flintoft for reminding me what a particularly crazy month this is for those of us with kids at school in the UK! And when I asked on Twitter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the school holidays, the answer was: So amongst the craziness and juggling, how do you stay sane? I’ve had quite a few discussions with mums recently about juggling work and school holidays. Some, like Jenny take to working at […] Continue reading »

Speaking to market your business


Speaking can be a great way of building your list and your credibility, but where do you start, how do you get over public speaking nerves and how do you make sure it actually works to grow your audience and generate business? Join me and my guest, Felicia Slattery, author, speaker, communication expert and creator of the Signature Speech™ as she shares with you some of the biggest secrets about using a speech to market your business. You’ll discover: If you don’t like marketing and sales, exactly what steps to take so your Signature Speech allows others to do the […] Continue reading »