The funny thing about planning

Fairy No.1 at the Rising Brook pantomime!

Happy New Year! Well who’d have known, 2012 would be the year I became an author, a runner, a fairy and a ninja! It’s been full of surprises, Squee! moments, favour and friendships I could never have imagined. It’s also had its share of struggles, frustrations, flops and Gah! moments. Two things struck me as I reflected on the year that’s been. 1. How quickly the year’s gone Yes I know, nothing new there but oh so true! Is it having kids that makes you notice how quickly you get through a year, or is it that time flies when […] Continue reading »

Six Critical Questions for Clarity


With the end of the year fast approaching, how are you feeling about 2013? How much clarity do you have about your purpose, priorities and plans? Clarity is one of things I create with my clients in our coaching sessions. When we are clear about who we are, what we are doing and why, we find that motivation, energy, creativity and resourcefulness all flow with much more ease. Clarity is what makes the difference between reactive firefighting and purposeful action, between frustrated tail-chasing and playful, productive momentum, between giving up and getting back up. I love Patrick Lencioni’s six critical […] Continue reading »

Impossibility, Weaknesses and Going Free Range

Be a Free Range Human

My friend Marianne Cantwell has an exciting new book out soon, and we caught up last week to record this video for you. Tune in, as we talk about those pesky weaknesses we have, what’s really going on for the people who always seem so confident, how to do the impossible and being a free range human. Check out Marianne’s book and get your free chapter at – you’ll love it!   Continue reading »

What happens when you try to please everybody

Gingerbread emotions

So you think you want to please everybody? Here’s what happens: When you’re afraid to turn down an opportunity… A friend’s post on Facebook this week: “Ahrrrghhhh why did i take this project on? Why, why WHYYYYYY Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr note to self, must re-read the chapter in Grace Marshall’s book about ‘saying no nicely’ instead of just saying yes all the time. This project may be stable and lucrative but it’s a massive pain in the bum!!! Is it wine time yet(!?)” A classic case for most new (and some not so new) businesses. The flip-side of being flexible and resourceful […] Continue reading »

It’s official – I’m a Productivity Ninja!


If you’re familiar with my blog, my coaching work, and my recent book, you’ll know that productivity is something of a professional specialty and a personal obsession of mine So I’m thrilled to be working with Think Productive as their new ‘Productivity Ninja’ for the Midlands, delivering their range of productivity workshops and helping even more people to tackle stress and increase their productivity. 12 November 2012: Think Productive Welcomes Grace Marshall as Productivity Ninja for the West Midlands Think Productive are delighted to announce that Grace Marshall will be joining us as ‘Productivity Ninja’ for the West Midlands. The unique role of […] Continue reading »

Working Lunch: Get It Done Before Christmas!

What have you started this year that’s now dragging? How would it feel to get it done, dusted and out of the way by Christmas? Join my on Thursday 22nd November at 12:30pm for a Working Lunch Session where we’ll work together to focus your energy, clarify your plan of attack and get you ready and raring to go – to get your ‘thing’ DONE by Christmas. How this works: This is a working call – bring your ‘thing’ in its current shape or form (project, to-do list, confusion, battle…). I’ll share with you my six steps to clarity and we’ll […] Continue reading »

What wakes you up?


I am NOT a morning person. Night owl, yes. In fact I’ve been known to be more awake at 6am on the rare occasions that I’ve stayed up all night than if I’ve woken up at 6. Throw into the mix two children, who have both had their fair share of broken nights, 4-5am starts and illnesses that have thrown all routine out of the water. I admire people who are able to go to bed at 8.30pm in an attempt to get a full night’s sleep. But truth be told I’m far too attached to my evenings when I […] Continue reading »