Is your definition of success playing havoc with your motivation?

Success? Success!

How do you define success? By results or by actions? Results are easy to define. Tangible. A workshop booked. A new client on the books. A sale made. A sum of money in the bank. Another product sold and shipped. And it can be great for motivation, knowing what you get when your actions pay off. But it can also be demoralising, when you’re in the middle of taking the actions you need to achieve that success. When you’re making call after call, writing email after email, sending invitations, posting blogs, tweets and statuses, and they’re not translating into results… […] Continue reading »

Taking a break? 7 Quick Tips to Switch Off and Recharge


With Easter coming up, there’s definitely a ‘quick, get stuff done’ feeling in the air today. Whether you’re taking a 4 day weekend off or a full two weeks of school holidays, how do you make the most of your break? How do you make sure you actually switch off and give your batteries a chance to recharge? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Here are 7 quick tips that came into my head (because I’m busy finishing stuff off today too!): 1. Social media blackout Take a Twitter time out or Facebook fast. A change is as […] Continue reading »

How to Get Things Done comes to Stafford


Big thanks to everyone who came to the How to Get Things Done workshop in Birmingham on Valentines Day and helped make it a great success! I’m delighted to announce that we have added another Midlands venue for our Think Productive workshops, and I will be running How to Get Things Done in Stafford on 16th May. Wondering what you’ll get out of it? Here’s what some of our delegates had to say last time: Packed with opportunities to consider real-life issues and workable tips Helping me approach my work in a more purposeful and less frenetic manner! Fresh ideas […] Continue reading »

The Voices In My Head


“Time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others drown out your own inner voice.” I love this quote from Steve Jobs. It reminds me to listen to my inner voice. The still quiet voice from within that reminds me who I am and what makes me come alive. Except that’s not always the inner voice I hear. I don’t know about you, but sometimes there’s another voice. One that is disapproving, doubtful and critical. Sometimes it sidles up to me when I’m about to take a leap, asking “Are you sure you […] Continue reading »

Growing a Fruitful Business While Raising a Family

Fruitful Business: How to Start a Business Now

I had the pleasure of meeting Lotwina Farodoye at last year’s Women Unlimited Thrive Conference and loved listening to her story of going from redundancy to winning business awards. Tune in, as we talk about growing a fruitful business while raising a family, and how to start a business now. Check out Lotwina’s book and get your free chapter at Continue reading »

That pesky little habit

That pesky little habit

Psst… ever find you keep doing something, knowing it really isn’t helpful, but you do it anyway? And the idea of making a change makes total sense but also makes you want to stick your fingers in your ears and sing “la la la la…” That’s when you know you’ve got a habit. And a pesky one at that. One that’s made itself completely at home and claimed squatter’s rights. I found a pesky habit squatting in plain sight recently. My phone addiction. Not necessarily talking on the phone but checking (often) and being a little (okay maybe a lot) […] Continue reading »

Three Reasons to Start Now


Have you hit the ground running this year? Are you still trying to get going? Or does it feel like you’ve only just started and are already playing catch up? On January 1st while I was watching Rise of the Guardians with my husband and kids and seeing who could eat the most sweets, my inbox, Twitter and Facebook stream was filling up fast with resolutions, goals, new programmes, products and launches. People grabbing the bull by the horns and kicking the new year off to a flying start. Yup I had a new year blog post up, and a […] Continue reading »