Dream to Done

Do you have a “someday” dream? One that you keep somewhere in the back of your mind as something you’d love to do someday? Are you still waiting for it to come true?

Someday is a safe place to hide dreams. Safe from the scrutiny of whether it’s doable, if you have what it takes and if it would work. Safe from the pressures of having to justify or validate your dream.

Where everything is possible, but nothing ever gets done.

Writing a book has been one of my ‘someday’ dreams for as long as I can remember.

One year I managed to get from ‘someday’ to suddenly writing my book 21 Ways To Manage The Stuff That Sucks Up Your Time in just 40 days!

What’s your dream?

It’s been an incredible journey, and I’d love to share some of my tips, tools and exercises with you in my 5 part email course “Dream to Done”, to help you gain clarity, breakthrough barriers, overcome overwhelm, and take action to get your dream to done.

If you’d like to take your dream out of “someday” and into reality – right here, right now – add your name and email below to get “Dream to Done” delivered directly to your inbox.

It’s absolutely free, my gift to you.

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