Do you ever get frustrated?

So I’m kind of known for being a sunny, smiley, positive kind of person (see the tweet below for example)

But of course I have bad days too. I rant, I get frustrated, I sulk and I stomp.

Hmm… how many times do I say frustrated or frustration in this video?

What about you? Do you get frustrated? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

  • Tanya

    Way to go Grace! We ALL have stuck days, no denying it. Taking the dogs for a walk always helps me clear my mind and get things in perspective. Also like you, I find that just picking a simple task to complete, related to the business, and doing it, seems to get the ball rolling for the bigger tasks again.
    Also I find it helps to have a quick review of what I HAVE achieved, and give myself some praise for it (we can be our own worse critics huh?!
    Love your video extras btw! Get them used to the camera early 🙂

    cheers, and hugs

    • Thanks Tanya, the kids are a natural with the camera – much more so than their mum! As for reviewing what you have achieved, absolutely, there’s a reminder at the bottom of the day planner I use that says “Celebrate what you have achieved, not what you haven’t” and the days when I feel I can’t be bothered to take stock of what I’ve achieved are the days when I know I really need to!

  • Tammy

    Oh Grace, you handle frustration like a pro and still remain on target – inspirational!
    I like your laundry folding solution. A bit like me and unpacking my moving boxes – just do the thing that’s in front of you, then at least something has been achieved (see my latest blog!!!),


    • Thanks Tammy, sometimes you just need to get moving. Love your post too – great strategies on tackling the “Boogieman of Overwhelm”!

  • Yes of course I get frustrated but mainly with myself for finding a task too challenging! I don’t like to feel this way so do plenty of deep breathing – walk away and come back with a fresh approach.

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