Meet Grace

GM27LR-150Hey gorgeous, so glad you’re here!

If you’re looking to work with me in some way, this is what you need to know about me:

I am very much a people person. I connect, relate and encourage by default. Nothing energises me more than spending time with people and seeing them fly.

Being an extrovert at heart who spent a lot of her childhood being introverted, I can do enthusiastic, inspiring and energetic as well as calming, gentle and supportive.

I’m a naturally disorganised productivity coach. Yes you don’t find many of us around! Impatience is what drove me to get good at getting things done. I wasn’t willing to put life on hold so I juggle my business, family, church and social life on a daily basis – and not necessarily in that order. Now I absolutely love helping people live the life they want in the time that they have.

Sunny side up :) I always look for the positive, and I believe in speaking life. That means I will empathise with your challenges and I will challenge you to reframe your words and your outlook to seek solutions and give yourself credit where credit is due.

My coaching style is…

Encouraging, intuitive and collaborative.

I follow my instincts and I am always prepared for each session to develop its own shape and structure. I will offer suggestions and insights as I see them, and it’s always up to you to choose what you commit to. It’s also up to you to tell me how you really feel, so that the solutions we create together will really work for you.

What matters to me

I believe if you are a mum (or dad) in business, you need to connect to your why. Here’s my why… and it’s what I want for you too:

Autonomy – It’s hard work running your own business, but I love it when I remember to be the boss. For me it’s about making the choices that enable me to spend time with the people I love. Sometimes that means flexing my business to make room for special class assemblies, sports days and lunch dates with my husband. It’s also about creating that freedom of choice for my husband too, so that he doesn’t have to do the daily 270 mile round trip commute he was doing in his last job!

Being in control isn’t about controlling everything around you. Just like productivity isn’t actually about managing time. It’s about you, being in control of how you respond, the choices you make and the actions you take.

Authenticity – Life is too short to be someone you’re not – or to be trapped by fear, expectations, should’s and can’t’s. Sounds cheesy but what I want is to be the best me that I can possibly be, whatever I’m doing. That also means that I will be honest and real. I’m no guru and I’m certainly not supermum. I make mistakes, and I’ll share them with you.

I want you to be confident in your own skin, to celebrate who you are and to shine as the amazing person that YOU are.

Inspiration – I am constantly inspired by the creativity, resilience, and brilliance of ordinary humans. And I love being part of that story. People inspire me. You inspire me. What I love most is seeing you go from burnout to brilliant, from chaos to clarity, from “Who am I?” to “Here I am!”, daring to dream and raring to go, ready to make it happen, one baby step at a time.

My dreams include travel. To have the freedom and funds to visit my sister in America, my best friend in Switzerland, another friend in New York, a project I support in Uganda, and to explore some of my heritage in China. What’s yours?

My Story

  • I graduated with a degree in International Management and Modern Languages, primed and prepped to climb that corporate ladder.
  • I worked in marketing. I was good. I worked hard. And I was a quick learner. But at the end of the day, I wasn’t passionate about advertising numbers and response rates. Numbers just don’t excite me. People do.
  • The irony of course is that now, as a business owner and a business coach, I am immersed in marketing on a daily basis, both in terms of my own marketing as well as helping others to market themselves and their businesses. But my approach is all about people, communication and relationships – not numbers!
  • I have been running my own coaching business since 2008, and the journey has grown and stretched me both personally and professionally – into such realms as book writing and public speaking, becoming certified as an NLP practitioner and DiSC trainer as well as a life coach and most recently a productivity ninja.
  • I live in Stafford with my husband, 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter, continually learning to be a good-enough wife and mum, with intermittent lapses into hopelessness and brilliance.
  • Fun for me usually involves good company, great conversation, books, music, or food – possibly even all at once. If you’re local to Stafford, you’ll probably find me running the Busy Mums networking group, singing at Rising Brook Baptist Church or running along the old railway track on a Saturday morning.