How to be a Productivity Ninja

Information overload is a big problem. We’re all overwhelmed with the amount of information and potential distraction we face in our work. It’s no longer enough to just focus on your time management: it’s time to think about how you manage your attention and focus, your projects and actions and your choices and habits. A Productivity Ninja is calm and prepared, but also skilled and ruthless in how he or she deals with the enemy that is information overload.

This 90 minute workshop will show you how to keep a zen-like calm as well as an agile ruthlessness, just like a Productivity Ninja.


90 Minute Seminar


Individual action plan to help you implement ninja-style productivity skills

What you’ll get: 

  • Learn how to manage your concentration, energy and motivation in a sustainable way
  • Replace demoralising lists with a more efficient productivity system


“A really amazing session… I would definitely suggest attending if you haven’t been to a Productivity Ninja event before!”

Daniel Megson, Learning Technology Specialist – Learning & Development at Sainsbury’s

Stress Less, Achieve More

Most “time management” courses focus on trying to manage time, but time isn’t the fundamental problem – or the solution. Rather it’s about your choices, actions, energy. And most importantly: your attention.

This workshop will give you the tips and tricks to implement a simple, fool proof system to organise and define your work. We’ll show you how to deal with interruptions, paperwork, ideas and information – and how to sift it all for the important stuff, define actions, get organised and stay in control.


5 hours + lunch


Implement a new workflow system and feel more in control of your work.

What you’ll get: 

  • Reduce stress by eliminating those nagging feelings of doubt, guilt and overload panic
  • Replace them with a focused, playful, purposeful and productive momentum


“Two years on, I am still using the techniques I learnt at the workshop, and I am known for getting an incredible amount of work done whilst juggling other responsibilities as a result.”

Helen Potter, Web Designer

The Inbox to Zero Challenge

Email becoming a monster? Inbox out of control? Join the Inbox to Zero Challenge and discover all the Ninja tips and tricks you need to get your inbox to zero and keep it there!

The average worker spends 41% of their time on email management, and the volume of email each of us receives is currently doubling every 4-5 years. More than half of all UK workers admit to being stressed by how much email they receive. It’s time to take control.


90 minute live virtual workshop, 3 hours online coaching support, 30 minutes final advice


Your inbox at zero by 2.30pm – and you’ll know how to keep it there too!

What you’ll get: 

  • We’ll show you how to get your inbox to zero – and keep it there
  • You will be able to tackle ‘the real work’


“Highly recommend this training. My inbox is still at Zero 6 months on; the training changes your mind-set and that’s what makes the learning stick beyond the tools. If you have any inbox overwhelm banish it for good in a couple of hours. I’m genuinely surprised and delighted at how effective that training was, wish I’d had it MUCH earlier in my career!”

Angela Armstrong, Leadership Trainer and Coach

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