What makes you laugh?

I was chatting with a client recently about networking situations, and how laughter really helps to break the ice, engage an audience and build connections.

It got me thinking, what does make people laugh?

Do you have to be a comedian? I don’t think so. The times I’ve made people laugh I haven’t necessarily intended to. I didn’t tell a joke (thank goodness – my jokes are rubbish!).

Actually, I think it’s humility. Having a sense of humour, taking yourself lightly, sharing situations, mistakes, being real, honest and open, that others can relate to. That’s when I find people chuckling with me.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments box below…


  • Bex (my 13 year old) and I were talking about this yesterday, I don’t think funny is as such making jokes (I am rubbish at Jokes too!) but like you say taking yourself lightly really seems to help and just being you, then the natural humour shines through and makes everyone smile in turn 🙂

    • I like that – making others smile by being you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to comment Ali!

  • Being honest is key, we’re all in the same ‘boat’ after all, and I agree fully with not taking  ourselves too seriously helps, been working all day with a pair of stuffed elephants propped up on my desk by my daughter, has made me smile 😉

    • Love that Sophie! Yes kids do have a way of reminding us to have a sense of humour don’t they?

  • I always laugh when I drop my biscuit in my tea.

  • Naomi Richards

    Lots of thinks make me laugh and I like to make others laugh too – hopefully not my expense too much! The best laughter is seeing my children roll on the floor unable to stop the giggles.

    • Love it when that happens. And you can see so clearly in children the way laughter helps to overcome anxiety and form connectios.

  • Suzanne

    I think admitting vulnerability can sometimes create a funny moment and I find it helps to “break the ice” by infusing laughter. Life is always better with laughter! Suzanne

    • Absolutely Suzanne! And thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts. Here’s to being human 🙂

  • Business Coach Mentor

    Great post Grace! It is overwhelming! Well, there’s truth about, “Laughter is the medicine!” I agree with that. Life would be too boring when there’s no laughter! That’s our only thing we have in common, the positive outlook in life or the good sense of humor!

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