Words to Keep YOU Going

If you read my last post, you’ll know how passionate I am about words and how our language impacts our productivity.

Which is why when one of my Baby Steppers created this after a call we had on motivation, self-belief and productivity, I absolutely had to share it with you.

Over to Rebekah…

Whilst working with Grace through the 40 Days of Baby Steps I have come to realise several truths and had quite a few realisations so I decided to collate them to help keep myself motivated to reach my goal. I hope they help you too, whenever things in your life or business start to feel a bit, well wobbly!

About Rebekah

Rebekah Harriman is a social media consultant, coach and trainer who wants to give you the tools, know how and confidence to be yourself and authentically promote your business online. She is passionate about helping people communicate, learn about being themselves and find their voice, about giving them the best tools to use that voice effectively, authentically and in a worthwhile way to make money and maybe make the world a nicer place whilst they are doing it. Find out more about her and how she works, get free tips, downloads and social media news at her blog Rebekah-Harriman.com, creative and authentic social media. Get advice from someone who gets you!

  • naomirichards

    So very true Rebekah. I bet you loved the course Grace put on. I think breathing is important!!! It can really calm you down when you feel like life is against you.

    • Rebekah Harriman

      It is amazing how often I catch myself holding my breath when I’m stressed about something Naomi.

      And Grace is keeping me as on track as I can manage but getting me to be much more focused on the steps I have achieved rather than just all the ones I haven’t managed to do yet 🙂

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  • naomirichards

    It all sounds fab Rebekah. Change of behaviour is good in this instance. Keep going.

  • Gary

    Your post is very inspiring and perfect for those who are stress.


  • Michelle Riley

    I needed to see this today. This is very timely advice, thanks!

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